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For your convenience, CGCC is building a list of worldwide resources that will answer all your needs in Green Chemistry and Catalysis.


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 Other Green Chemistry Groups

ACS Green Chemistry Institute
Advancing Green Chemistry
Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry
Canadian Green Chemistry Network
Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Network
Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale
Center for Green Manufacturing at the University of Alabama
Center for Sustainable Chemical Technologies at the University of Bath
GreenCentre Canada
Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York
Green Chemistry at the University of Oregon
UK Green Chemistry Network
US environmental Protection Agency (Green Chemistry)
Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry

 Other Catalysis Groups

CaRLa Catalysis Research Laboratory
CAT Catalytic Center
Center for Catalysis and Materials Research
Center for Catalysis (Univ. of Florida)
Center for Catalyst Design
Center for Catalysis and Surface Research
Center for Catalytic Science & Technology
Center for Enabling New Technology Through Catalysis
Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation
Hokkaido Catalysis Research Center
Institute for Integrated Catalysis
Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse
National Centre or Catalysis Research
NIOK (Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek in de Katalyse)
UC Berkeley Catalysis Center
Wolfson Materials and Catalysis Centre


Green Chemistry
Environmental Science & Technology
Journal of Natural Products
Journal of Polymers and the Environment
RSC Advances