Symposium in Green Chemistry and Catalysis - CSC 2011


 Colloquium Summary  Important Dates

CGCC has organized a colloquium on Green Chemistry and Catalysis in honour of Prof. Tak-Hang Chan, which has been presented during the 94th Canadian Chemistry Conference. It was spread out over two days, from June 6 to 7, 2011.

Various topics addressed (in the form of oral communications only) were aligned with CGCC research axes:
  1. Green Solvents for Synthesis
  2. Homogenous Catalytic Reactions
  3. Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions
  4. Enzymes and Biocatalysis
  5. Tools for Green Molecular Synthesis
  6. Evaluation, Commercialization, and Policies
Invited Speakers:

Philip JESSOP, Queen's University
Shawn COLLINS, Université de Montéal
Mark TAYLOR, University of Toronto
Thierry OLLEVIER, Université Laval
Laurel SCHAFER, University of British Columbia
Christopher Sarvile, Codexis Inc.

>> Check full scientific program here